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Mrs Philpott – Acorn Class Teacher – EYFS & EYFS Lead

Mrs Wakeman – Acorn Class – Teaching Assistant – EYFS

EYFS Statement

In line with our school vision, we strive to provide a stimulating, safe, enjoyable and happy community with strong Christian values. We work together to ensure everyone is the best they can be and reaches their full potential to follow their dreams.

The Foundation Stage places great emphasis on children learning by doing. Our children are given opportunities to gain first-hand experiences through play and active involvement. Our children are encouraged to be independent. As well as adult-led focused activities and independent focused activities, children have access to activities that they can access themselves and resources that allow them to follow their own ideas. This type of learning occurs both inside and outside.

The Foundation Stage is the start of our pupils’ school journey towards achieving:

  • Children enjoy learning.
  • Respect, empathy and teamwork, creating a family atmosphere.
  • Developing key life skills to enable life-long learning.
  • Creativity in all aspects of school life.
  • Children reaching their full potential

Our learners will move on to the next stage of their education:

  • They will have strong communication skills, both written and verbal, and will listen respectfully and with tolerance to the views of others.
  • They will take pride in all that they do, always striving to do their best.
  • They will demonstrate emotional resilience and the ability to persevere when they encounter challenges.
  • They will develop a sense of self-awareness and become confident in their own abilities.
  • They will be kind, respectful and honest, demonstrate inclusive attitudes and have a sense of their role in our wider society.

The Early Years Curriculum


At Horton Kirby CE Primary School, our youngest learners develop an understanding and curiosity about the world, along with a love for learning, ensuring they have a strong foundation for their future education and well-being.  An effective balance between teacher-led and child-led learning enables children to flourish and become confident and creative learners with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to successfully continue their learning journey throughout their school days and beyond.


The Early Years is led by four guiding principles which shape our practice:-

  • Every child is a unique child, who is constantly learning.
  • Children learn to be resilient and independent through positive relationships.
  • Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs.
  • As a school, we develop strong partnerships with parents and/or carers.

The Early Years curriculum is organised into termly topics that cover 7 areas of learning; Communication and Language; Physical Development; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; English; Maths; Understanding of The world; Expressive Arts.

Topics are planned over 6 terms and the steps towards the Early Learning Goals are spread over the terms to ensure a balanced curriculum and full coverage. On-going assessment of the Early Learning Goals enables teachers to adapt teaching and plan the next steps.

Spoken language underpins all seven areas of children’s learning and development.  Children are given regular opportunities for interactions with both peers and adults – adults model new vocabulary in order to build upon the foundations of language and cognitive development.  Through practical and playful activities, children are supported and challenged by adults in-class sessions, in small groups and whilst working with individuals.  Children feel secure and confident. They explore, investigate and learn through practical experience and are challenged to develop independence and collaboration.  


By the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage, all children will have made significant personal progress across all areas of learning, with the majority of our learners reaching their personal best and achieving the Early Learning Goals.  It is our ambition for all our children to access the full EYFS curriculum with SEND and Disadvantaged children being supported with full accessibility to all aspects of the EYFS provision.  Children will leave EYFS with the skills, understanding and knowledge ready for a life of learning.


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