At Horton Kirby, we have a range of clubs that run both at lunchtimes and after school. 

Club Year Group  Responsible Teacher Day and Time Location
Young Voices All years Mrs Patton and Mrs Armstrong Monday 12:00-12:30 Ash Class
Computing KS2 Mrs Lalli Monday 15:15-16:15 Oak Class
Dance Year 1 and 2 Miss Apsey and Miss Parslow Monday 15:15-16:15 Hall
Cross Country Year 5 and 6 Mr Millbank and Miss Harper Friday 12:00-12:30 Outside
Football Year 5 and 6 Mr Spackman Tuesday 15:15-16:!5 Field
Girl’s Football KS2 Mr Spackman Thursday 12:00-12:30 Field
Lego All years Miss Johnson Thursday 12:30-13:00 Willow Class
Forest School Year 5 and 6 Mrs Philpott and Mr Spackman Friday 15:15-16:15 Field
Film KS1 Mr Sexton Friday 15:15-16:15 Sycamore Class
Computing Parents Miss Penfold Monday 15:15-16:15 Cherry Class
SPaG & Reading Parents Miss Penfold Friday 15:15-16:15 Cherry Class
11+ support group Year 5 Parents Miss Penfold Friday (Term 6) 15:15-16:15 Cherry Class