100 Things Before I Leave Horton Kirby

Cultural Capital

One Hundred things I will get the opportunity to do before I leave

Horton Kirby School

  1. Build a sandcastle on the Beach and go crabbing in the rock pools.
  2. Visit a place of worship, St Marys Church, Rochester Cathedral, Gurdwara, Mosque and Synagogue.
  3. Stargaze – Greenwich Observatory and Planetarium. Journey through Space and explore our Universe.
  4. Visit a farm, feed the farm animals (Kent Life).
  5. Take a ride on a tractor (Kent Life).
  6. Pond dip, collect frog spawn and investigate pond life.
  7. Learn to swim – Years 4-6
  8. Learn to ride a bicycle safely on the road – Bike Ability (Year 6)
  9. Go on a trip away from home: Bowles Residential: Become a more rounded individual, build self-confidence, independence and become a team player.
  10. Learn to ski.
  11. Light a campfire.
  12. Climb a rock face.
  13. Abseil down a cliff.
  14. Kayak and canoe.
  15. Build a raft.
  16. Build a shelter.
  17. Bush Crafts.
  18. Orienteering
  19. Try new foods.
  20. Toast and eat marshmallows.
  21. Ride a Zip Wire.
  22. Climb the High Ropes.
  23. Make own bed.
  24. Sing at the O2 – Young Voices.
  25. Entertain the local community – Singing at the Eglantine Villa Residential Home for the Elderly. Harvest Festival.
  26. Sing Christmas Carols at a Carol Service, MAT Trust Choir Concerts Woodville Halls, Gravesend and Saint George’s.
  27. Learn to play a musical instrument: Ukulele, Guitar, Recorder, and Flute.
  28. Take part in drama performances: KS1 Nativity Play, Harvest Festival, Easter Production, and Year 6 Production.
  29. Recognise and celebrate religious festivals.
  30. Chinese New Year Dance Workshop.
  31. Black History Month – African Dance Workshop.
  32. Become part of a Dance, Acting Group.
  33. Visits to the local library.
  34. Book Fairs – be exposed to a wide range of new texts.
  35. Meet a real-life Author: Be inspired by real-life (published) authors by participating in workshops – Andrew Clover (2020).
  36. Workshops for Maths, English and Science.
  37. Dance and Sporting events and festivals.
  38. Science Programme – Year 5 go to Dartford Grammar School.
  39. Meet a real life hero – Policemen, Detectives, Nurses, and Firemen.
  40. Hold a Bird of Prey.
  41. Become a Professional Chef for the day. Cook a meal from scratch.
  42. Experience the world of work – Roots to Foods.
  43. Summer Fetes.
  44. Debates – MAT
  45. Gardening – growing our own vegetables for the kitchen to use.
  46. Watch a Pantomime.
  47. Take part in Sports Day activities.
  48. Take part in a Talent Show – Horton Kirby’s Got Talent.
  49. Go shopping (Co-Op).
  50. Visit a museum
  51. Go on a train.
  52. Help a charity (Macmillan, Demelza Hospice Care for Children, Children in Need, Sports Relief, Christian Aid)
  53. Make a Video.
  54. Play a new sport.
  55. Build a snowman and play in the snow.
  56. Make a mud pie.
  57. Go on a bouncy castle (Summer Fete).
  58. Go to the park (Heathside).
  59. Paddle in the River Darent.
  60. Go on an Autumn Walk (Westminster Fields).
  61. Collect Conkers.
  62. Grow flowers.
  63. Go Bird Watching.
  64. Enjoy a Bedtime Story.
  65. Have a Pancake Race.
  66. Try foods from different countries.
  67. Become a WW2 Evacuee.
  68. Safety in Action – an interactive event for Year 6 children to learn about some of the dangers they may face as they become more independent and prepare for transition to secondary school.
  69. Computers for U Training.
  70. Teddy Bear’s Picnic/Picnic in the Park.
  71. Take Tea with the Head Teacher.
  72. Judo throw your teacher! Take part in a Judo workshop.
  73. Meet an Olympian.
  74. Become an entrepreneur – design and sell a product – Enterprise Week.
  75. Go to the cinema – eat popcorn.
  76. Enjoy a meal with Mum/Dad/Carer for Mother’s Day/Father’s Day.
  77. Visit a zoo.
  78. Go on a coach.
  79. Meet a dinosaur!
  80. Visit a castle – dress up and re-enact a story.
  81. Certificates of achievements.
  82. Eco Activities – Recycling in the community.
  83. School Council – Decision making.
  84. Learn another language.
  85. Be a Scientist – Fizz Pop Workshop and Science Club.
  86. Dissect a Heart!
  87. Road Safety Awareness.
  88. Learn another language.
  89. Learn to sew.
  90. Sculpt with clay.
  91. Learn to Fence with Fit Fencing.
  92. African Drumming.
  93. Archery
  94. Attend a Remembrance Service.
  95. Make a book for a younger child.
  96. Apply for a job – Head Girl/Boy.
  97. Be a tour guide.
  98. Take part in an Easter Egg Hunt.
  99. Walk like an Egyptian – Egyptian workshop.
  100. Become a historical figure – Viking, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Tudor, Kings and Queens.