Art and DT


Horton Kirby’s Art and Design Curriculum allows our children to recognise and celebrate their individual talents and a gain a knowledge of famous, artists, designers and artistic techniques. We ensure that a broad range of art from a range of cultures and throughout history is taught. Our Art curriculum is relevant and inspiring, with opportunities to use a range of media and techniques, with skills and knowledge being progressed year on year.


Art and Design is taught within our class topics, giving children the opportunity to develop skill in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art and craft techniques. Pupils explore ideas, develop techniques and produce creative Arts and Craft work using a range of materials and media. They can analyse and evaluate their own and others’ work. Through our Art teaching pupils explore famous artists/designers and their work and learn how to appreciate how art and design is created and presented in different cultures.


Children learn a range of artistic and design skills, using a variety of media. Children’s knowledge and skills are built up progressively, with no gaps in learning. Children can talk confidently about their learning and explain the techniques they use with reference to technical vocabulary. They are reflective learners, and can evaluate their own and others work, finding what is good while suggesting improvement. Children develop a long term memory in Art and Design, re-visiting learning and progressively building on skills and knowledge. Pupils are exposed to Art and Design form different cultures and points in history and talk enthusiastically about this.

Art and DT Documents

Long-Term Plan Y1-2

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Long-Term Plan Y3-4

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Long-Term Plan Y5-6

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Progression of Skills

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