Parent Feedback

Welcome to our Parent Feedback page! 

Since starting school in September we feel that our daughter has developed most notably with her reading and writing skills. This is undoubtedly down to your (Mrs Philpott) teaching skills and efforts with her and her class mates. She enjoys school so much and only ever talks positively about her day at school. We couldn’t be happier with her progress! Xx


My daughter absolutely loves being in Acorn class, she has so much fun everyday. I am amazed at her progress in only 2 months, thanks to the support of Mrs Philpott, she is now reading books and learning to write sentences. They have so many opportunities to play and explore, learning and having fun along the way. Mrs Philpott is great at communicating with parents too and extremely passionate about supporting her Acorns. I couldn’t be happier as a parent.


I am so pleased how my little girl has developed in the short time she has been in reception and I don’t doubt this is all because of Mrs Philpott and Mrs Wakeman.Her knowledge of numbers and letters has greatly improved. She came home teaching me about digraphs the other day, I was amazed with what she has learnt. She loves to go in everyday and comes home with a smile.


As a mum it’s hard (and very emotional!) to send your little ones off to the first year of school, but I couldn’t have asked for a more comforting environment and teacher than Mrs Philpott. My son loved her from first meet (and still doesn’t stop talking about how fun she is) and so did we. I am blown away everyday by the things he’s telling me he’s learnt that day and how quickly he is developing with his reading, writing and confidence in himself. Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better start to his school years.


Since starting school in September we feel that our daughter has developed most notably with her reading and writing skills. This is undoubtedly down to your (Mrs Philpott) teaching skills and efforts with her and her classmates. She enjoys school so much and only ever talks positively about her day at school. We couldn’t be happier with her progress!


Hopefully to put a smile on your face, I was speaking to the Commercial Director of Estee Lauder today and said every parent will certainly be upping their game over Christmas gifts this year. Your team offer an education that is invaluable.  I can only say, outside activities have featured over the last couple of days, whilst my husband is working as a Fireman, and I am continuing to drive a retail business in the UK via online and social media.  I have no idea how Miss Green and Mrs Hopkins manage to keep the attention of 18, 5 year olds, I can barely manage one and a two year old. Forever grateful and thankful for the education you provide. Stay safe, Best, Jo.


Dear Mr Pollard, Just a very quick email to say that we’ve been really impressed with the lessons and resources that have been planned for Oak class this week. Both Mrs Lalli & Miss Harper have put in a lot of thought into making interesting lessons for the children (& parents!). Considering they’re both new to teaching they’re doing amazing! I also thought your email this afternoon was spot on! It was really nice to be reassured & take the pressure off of us non teacher parents, so thank you for that to! Just thought it would be nice to feedback some positive thoughts as at the moment, there really doesn’t seem to be much to be positive about. Best wishes to you and all the staff, stay safe. Regards, Jennifer Tremain.


Thank you for the timetable Mr Millbank, all of the work you have planned and for keeping everyone updated on seesaw. Definitely helped keeping Ella on track and she made sure she got everything done that she needed to (apart from the reading but she is doing that now). It really is appreciated x


Hi Mrs Philpott, I meant to chat to you earlier as I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with Cerys this over the last few months, her confidence had grown hugely and she has loved being in your class. I’m going to try and continue this over the next couple months, but I’m a tad apprehensive. Hopefully back to normal sooner rather than later. Thanks again.


Mr Millbank – thank you so much for all of your help and guidance on their first week at home. It’s obviously a very odd time for the kids but having this structure each day really helps. I’ve enjoyed sitting down and spending time with her too and learnt loads! Have a fab weekend and stay safe. Summer’s mum, Ella.​


Year 1 Holly Class Miss Apsey – Thank you for all your hard work and amazing effort , I sure have a whole new appreciation for teachers! You do a fab job x


Year 1 Holly Class Miss Apsey – Thank you Miss Apsey. Yes I also have upmost respect for you doing this with over 20 of them Everyday. Thanks for all the videos they are soo helpful in letting us see how to explain it and do the activities with the kids. Really appreciate it. Yes definitely realised I am not teacher material either with two to teach different activities at the same time with a demanding little one who wants to join in as well has been challenging and a bit mental! But also enjoying the quality time spent together. Hope you Have a lovely weekend. Xxx


Year 1 Holly Class Miss Apsey  – Another morning enjoying your videos. Leah was sounding out before you and even said “you hear the D sound at the end but you don’t write it at the end” ha… Then you said it. Leah said “I just said that”. Leah sounded out sounded out all the words with you on the video. I am so impressed with what she knows and remembers. Your teaching style is amazing! She even said at the end “August, that’s my birthday” Leah is really enjoying your videos and seeing Ned too! Thank you MK


I wanted to thank you for all of the lessons you are sending through to us and the feedback you give each thing we post. I know it must be a very challenging time for you as teachers but I wanted ti let you know your help is much appreciated and your comments mean a lot to Freddy. When he hears your voice on the recorded lessons his face lights up…Thank you! 


I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all of the effort that you have put in with the children at this time. He is really enjoying the tasks that you are setting him to do and he’s really pleased when he gets your replies to tell him how well he is doing, so well done! Thank you so much! he is just amazing, he tries so hard! I am so proud of him and thank you for helping him! 


Year 1 Holly Class Miss Apsey – Thank you miss Apsey for all your hard work too.. we couldn’t do this without you! I’ve gotta say you are probably the best teacher I’ve ever come across and feel so grateful that both my children have had the pleasure of being taught by you! Teaching these two for the last week has been such a special thing but challenging and mentally draining (especially as I didn’t go to school myself so I’m learning a lot also) However.. I cannot wait for the school to be reopened as I’m not teacher material.