Sports Premium

Below you will find files linked to our Sports Premium spending. The funding, provided by the government, has to be used to improve the provision of physical activities for the children at the school in both the short and long term.

Funding is also used to  support swimming;

We currently have 36 children in year 6 with us. 

29 are able to swim a length using a combination of different strokes; A further three swimmers are able to swim 20 meters and will have achieved their length by Christmas. 81% are able to swim a full length

Two swimmers that were severely water phobic are now able to swim using aids and are beginning to swim a few meters unaided.

32 out of 36 can demonstrate the techniques for a range of strokes. 89% are able to swim using a range of strokes.

Sports Premium 2021 - 22

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Sports Premium 2020 - 21

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Sports Premium 2019-2020

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Sports Premium 2018-2019

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