Year 3/4

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Miss Johnson – Willow Class Teacher – Years 3 & 4

Mrs Powney – Willow Class – Teaching Assistant – Years 3 & 4

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Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling List

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Last term, Willow class went down to the Horton Kirby Education centre to become experts on rivers as part of our topic ‘Flow’
We learnt about the river Darrent and the impact on our local area. We measured the rate of flow in the river!

As part of our topic ‘I am warrior’ we are learning all about the Romans. In maths today we did some cross-curricular learning and learnt our roman numerals. Here is willow class singing their roman numerals. Click here to view the video!

Earlier this week the living history company came to do a day with the year 3 and 4s as part of our topic ‘I am warrior’.

We dressed up as roman and Celtic warriors and did a range of activities including creating our own mosaics, practicing creating a ‘testudo’ shield formation, looking at real roman coins, writing curses to the roman gods, practicing being low motion gladiators and playing board games which, the romans played. During the day we performed a roman pantomime and learnt about life in England in 55BC for romans and Celtics.