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Geography Subject Leader: Miss E Parslow

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Geography encourages pupils’ awareness of what is around them globally and locally, by enhancing their knowledge of countries, regions, cultures, and environments. 


In Geography, we aim to inspire the curiosity of the wider world and its people, developing an understanding of both physical and human processes, as well as the interactions between them. The focus will be placed on forming a deep understanding of diverse places and people. The Geographical understanding taught will aim to support the children in developing respect and a sense of responsibility for the wider world and the people within. It will allow the children to navigate the diversity we find in our ever-varied society and the wider world. Engaging topics, activities and trips will ensure children find Geography an exciting subject and support them in developing a curious outlook on life. The context will be ensured through various methods and engaging activities, particularly focusing on school trips.

pupil pinning USA states on a map in geography at horton kirby primary school
pupil looking at a geographic 3d globe in geography at horton kirby primary school


Geography is taught throughout the year, linking in with the various topics chosen for each year group. Geographical skills and concepts are essential components of a broad and immersive curriculum. Cross-curricular links are specifically planned for through our Topic based curriculum. This will ensure links are made between the Geographical skills taught, as well as support the children in forming transferrable skills. By teaching Geography through our chosen Topics, we will be fostering a sense of wonder for the world surrounding the children, and broadening their horizons by showing them the different cultures and opportunities outside of their local environment, something they may not be exposed to otherwise. This will ensure we inspire curiosity and respect throughout our school.


Geographical concepts will be visited continuously, through our Topic based curriculum as well as extra activities aimed at supporting the pupils’ long-term memory of geographical ideas. Previous topics taught will also be revisited throughout the year, again to build and develop the children’s long-term memory.

Outcomes in Topic books are evidence of a broad and balanced Geography curriculum and demonstrate the children’s acquisition of key knowledge. Children will also self-assess their work at the end of each lesson, allowing them to be active in identifying areas where they may need support.

two pupils matching countries to the correct place on a map in a geography lesson at horton kirby primary school

Geography in Each Stage

In KS1, pupils will begin to use correct terms for simple geographical features in the local environment. They will be able to name and locate the four countries of the United Kingdom, its capital city and its surrounding seas, as well as the world’s continents and oceans on a world map/globe. Additionally, pupils will learn about the environment in terms of pollution, the climate cycle, seasons and its changes.

Click the link below to view our year 1 and year 2 long-term plans:

Progression of Skills for Year 1 and Year 2

pupil in key stage one pointing at africa on the map at horton kirby primary school

In KS2, pupils will develop their geography skills learnt from KS1. They will use maps, atlases and digital mapping to locate countries with a focus on specific continents throughout the years. Pupils will use fieldwork to observe, measure, record and present the human and physical features in the local area.

Click the link below to view our year 3 – 4 long-term plan, and year 5 – 6 long-term plan:

Progression of Skills for Year 3 and Year 4

Progression of Skills for Year 5 and Year 6

two pupils matching states of USA to a map in geography at horton kirby primary school

Geography Progression

At Horton Kirby, we develop our pupil’s Geography understanding through essential skills; growing their depth of knowledge year on year. Through the use of ‘end of year expectations’, we are able to monitor their progress and allocate extra support and adaptations to the curriculum for pupils to maintain a strong Geography education.

Progression from Year 1 to Year 6


SEND Information

Consideration will be given to how learners will be aided to support the school’s commitment to inclusion. Geography lessons will be accessible to all, with teachers adapting and differentiating the expectations and activities based on the needs of the children in their classes.

Geography Extra Resources

For remote learning, please visit our remote learning page or contact our Head of Geography for more information.