At Horton Kirby C.E. Primary School we study geography to ensure there is an enriched, fuller and wider curriculum. Geography influences the children at this school as they learn about their local and wider world surroundings. All classes aim to deliver Geography in a cross-curricular way wherever possible and the implementation of Geography will depend on the termly topic for different year groups. This also enables the children to apply their geographical skills and knowledge to other areas of the curriculum. The children are taught the following four areas in their Geography lessons: locational knowledge; place knowledge; human and physical geography; geographical skills and fieldwork.

Geography helps children to explore their identity and how they relate to others. It also teaches children how they can contribute to building a better world, which respects the environment that sustains us all.

How can you help at home?

You can support your child at home by helping them to explore our planet by learning about the physical and human features. You can teach your child how to look after our environment and be responsible for the future of our planet, for example by recycling and not wasting our resources.


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