Welcome back to Term Four

Year 1 – Holly Class

Class Information

Year 1 Class Teacher (and Phonics Lead): Miss Apsey

Year 1 Class Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hopkins and Mrs Burton

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Welcome to Holly Class (Year 1)

To ensure there is a smooth transition from EYFS to Year 1, we build upon the EYFS curriculum and routine. In Year 1, we have a set COOL time in the morning every day. COOL time gives the children opportunities to complete structured challenges for a range of subjects. This is to encourage the children to be independent learners and allows them to explore through their play. In COOL time there will be a dedicated time for group work, where a group of children will work with an adult on a specific task, developing and building on certain skills. In Holly Class, we have a Rainbow Challenge linked to COOL Time. The Rainbow Challenge consists of different Challenge Zones which are located around the classroom and in our fantastic outdoor area. If the child completes a challenge in a zone, they find the coloured lollypop sticks and put it in their named envelope. By the end of the week, we have a look to see who has been able to complete all the challenges with a complete Rainbow. By the end of Term 2 we will be phasing out of COOL Time, to have a more structured approach to learning.

We look forward to welcoming you into Holly Class!


Our timetable can be downloaded below. Here, parents and pupils have the opportunity to view the class schedule to see the day-to-day routine including the range of curriculum that is covered. We have found that children with SEND have responded well to visually seeing the structure of the day ahead.

Holly Class Timetable

Terms/Topic Information

At Horton Kirby Primary School we utilise the Cornerstones scheme of work. In KS1 we have a two-year rolling cycle. Each term, we will have a topic which has a driver subject focus. Below, you will see the KS1 topics taught and the driver subject focus for each one in Cycle A and Cycle B. These topics are exciting for the children, with lots of cross-curricular links. Our learning this year will be based on the topics below and will change accordingly each term. Parents will receive a Topic Web and ‘Did You Know’ at the start of each term informing them about what the children will be learning. This will also be available below to download.

At Horton Kirby Church of England Primary School, we have introduced ‘100 Things Before I Leave Horton Kirby Primary, this helps to give children the opportunity to tick off big items throughout their primary years. The experiences and activities KS1 get to complete include:

#28  Take part in a drama performance (KS1 Navtitivy Play, Harvest Festival and Easter Production)
#29 Recognise and celebrate religious festivals
#30 Chinese New Year Dance Workshop
#32 Become part of a dance
#35 Meet a real-life author
#39 Meet a real-life hero
#40 Hold a Bird of Prey
#46 Watch a Pantomine
#47 Take part in Sports Day activities
#77 Visit a zoo
#79 Meet a dinosaur!
#80 Visit a castle
#90 Sculpt with clay

In Year 1, the children are very fortunate to hatch chicks! The children learn all about the incubation period and they get to look after and handle the chicks. (Note: Miss Apsey gets the chicken eggs from a local farm, once we have had a period of time with the chicks, they are taken back to the farm, where they are very well looked after). This is a fantastic experience that the whole school gets involved in!

More Infomation about the subjects can be found on our curriculum pages

Home Learning

Each week, pupils are given a list of spellings to practice at home to complement their learning in the classroom. This list will then be tested on either Friday or Monday, using Spelling Shed. Books will also be taken home daily to reinforce the practice of reading each day.

For further ideas to support learning at home, please see the resources below in accordance with the topic of that specific term.

Home Learning Ideas (Term One - Muck, Mess & Mixtures)
Home Learning Ideas (Term Two - Memory Box)

Useful Parent Resources at Year 1

For further useful resources, please visit each curriculum page.