At Horton Kirby, our Science curriculum aims to inspire all children to build upon their natural curiosity to develop skills of scientific enquiry, questioning and experimenting to build an understanding of the world around them. They learn to appreciate the work of famous scientists from all cultures and points in history and how they have influenced and shaped the world today.


Our Science curriculum is taught through other topics such as History, Geography, English as well as through more directly related topics like Maths and Computing. Pupils learn to be scientists by being encouraged to question, observe, classify, predict, create a fair test and draw conclusions. These are skills that are built upon over time and with repeated practical experiences to ensure that scientific understanding, skills and vocabulary are embedded over time. Pupils are taught science in a way that is inspiring and relevant to them.


Our local, natural environment allows children across the school to experience the natural world and natural processes which take place. Throughout the school, curiosity and investigation are actively encouraged and children are keen to ask questions and investigate. Children are excited about their learning and are effectively challenged and supported to reach their full potential. Children are conscientious and have a respect for the world around them. Children are able to talk about their learning confidently, using scientific vocabulary and displaying long term memory about key concepts. Curriculum monitoring shows that learning is comprehensive, logically sequenced, with no gaps in teaching and learning. Science teaching is effectively adapted for SEND and challenge. 

Useful Documents

Science Skills progression KS1-KS2

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Science Skills Progression EYFS-KS1

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Science Skills Progression

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Long-Term Plan Y1-2

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Long-Term Plan Y3-4

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Long-Term Plan Y5-6

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