PSHE and RSE Subject Leader: Mrs J Holden (PHSE Lead) & Mr R Spackman (RSE Lead)

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Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) is a necessary part of all pupils’ education to help them to stay healthy, safe, and prepared for life. Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) enables young people to learn about healthy relationships, their mental well-being and their understanding of their bodies. 


At Horton Kirby Church of England Primary School, our PSHE curriculum ensures children develop the knowledge and understanding of how to be healthy in mind and body. It develops learners who are emotionally resilient and have the skills to deal with changes and challenges in their lives. It aims to build children’s understanding of themselves and others in their immediate community and develop the skills to secure relationships with others. It gives children the opportunity to set themselves goals and aspirations to become confident members of a multicultural society.

pupils playing a matching games in PSHE of what is healthy at horton kirby primary school and not healthy
pupil answering questions on a PSHE worksheet at horton kirby primary school


PSHE deals with the diverse beliefs, values and attitudes that individuals and societies hold. They help pupils to develop themselves, their understanding of and curiosity about the world, and their ability to communicate their feelings. PSHE helps children to acquire British values and attitudes that are necessary if they are to make sense of their experiences within school and life itself, value themselves, respect others, appreciate differences and diversity and feel confident and informed as a British citizen.

Our school uses the Maestro and Jigsaw Curriculums, as a tool to support the curriculum that we have written for, and adapt according to our children’s needs. It is reviewed and evaluated regularly to ensure provision is relevant, up-to-date and of the highest quality. SEND pupils will receive relevant provision. Regular, weekly circle times in each class enable children to confidently and safely discuss and work through their worries, varying issues and celebrate common humanity.


At Horton Kirby Church of England Primary School, pupils will have diverse beliefs, values and attitudes that reflect their local and wider communities. Pupils will be helped to develop themselves and be better able to communicate their feelings. Pupils will have an understanding and acquired skills linked to British Values.

display showing emotions with pupils pegs attached to how they're are feeling for PSHE at horton kirby primary school

PSHE and RSE in Each Stage

In EYFS, for PSHE pupils will show an understanding of their own feelings and those of others. They will begin to regulate their behaviour accordingly by learning the rules and knowing right from wrong and give focused attention to what the teacher says.

In RSE, pupils will be introduced to the key relationships in their lives; learning about families, explore friendships and how to practise calm methods when feeling upset or angry.

Click the link below to view our EYFS long-term plan:

EYFS Year Curriculum Overview

pupil showing a whiteboard during an english class at horton kirby primary school

In KS1, pupils will understand how to make safe and fair places, show good listening skills, be able to work co-operatively and recognise their own feelings of when they need help when they feel worried and know what it is like to feel proud of achievements. This will all be delivered within PSHE lessons.

In RSE lessons, pupils will know what their body needs to stay healthy including what snacks are good for their bodies. They will learn about the importance and safety of medicines and how they can help when they’re feeling poorly. As well as this, pupils will learn about life cycles, ageing and how their bodies develop with age.

Click the link below to view our year 1 and year 2 long-term plans:

Year 1 Curriculum Year Overview

Year 2 Curriculum Year Overview

wellbeing pots to show pupil's feelings at horton kirby primary school

In PSHE at KS2, pupils will develop their growth mindset by understanding how to set personal goals for the year ahead, learn techniques to know how to face new challenges positively and know how to take positive action to help others. Pupils will be able to confidently evaluate their own learning strengths and know how to take responsibility for their own health.

In RSE, pupils will understand more about puberty, reflect on the development and birth of a baby, learn ways to boost their self-esteem of self and others, and understand how essential mutual respect is in relationships.

Click the link below to view our year 3 – 4 long-term plan, and year 5 – 6 long-term plan:

Year 3 Curriculum Year Overview

Year 4 Curriculum Year Overview

Year 5 Curriculum Year Overview

Year 6 Curriculum Year Overview

three pupils working together to complete PSHE questions at horton kirby primary school

PSHE and RSE Progression

At Horton Kirby, we develop our pupil’s PSHE/RSE understanding through essential skills; growing their depth of knowledge year on year. Through the use of ‘end of year expectations’, we are able to monitor their progress and allocate extra support and adaptations to the curriculum for pupils to maintain a strong PSHE/RSE education.

PSHE/RSE Big Ideas and Milestones


PSHE/RSE Essential Skills Progression


PSHE and RSE Long Term Plan


SEND Information

SEND pupils will receive relevant provisions.

PSHE and RSE Extra Resources

For remote learning, please visit our remote learning page or contact our Head of PSHE/RSE for more information.