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Headteacher Welcome

At Horton Kirby Primary School, our aim is to make learning fun, enjoyable and inspiring! If we can open children’s minds to accepting a challenge and enjoying meeting it, then we open a world of opportunities for them. Opportunities to meet with success, realise their potential and follow their dreams! Primary children enjoying their learning style is key to future success!

Glenn Pollard, Headteacher BEd (Hons). NPQH

About Mr Pollard

Glenn has vast primary leadership experience; working in schools across North West Kent for over 25 years. April 2010 saw him start at Horton Kirby as Headteacher and he has been here since then guiding the school through academisation within the Aletheia Academies Trust.  His qualifications include a BEd (Hons) and NPQH.

Glenn is passionate about giving all children the right opportunities to succeed and providing the best education possible for all.  He also looks to constantly develop the staff within school; from mentoring two parent helpers through being Teaching Assistants, HLTAs and finally qualified teachers, to serving teachers with leadership training.  He advocates that we never stop learning and developing and that this is a journey we are all on together.

Glenn Pollard headteacher at Horton Kirby c of e primary school

About Horton Kirby

At Horton Kirby Church of England Primary School, we provide a welcoming, inclusive environment where everyone’s thoughts and ideas are valued. We seek to create a stimulating and varied programme of education, within a challenging learning environment, that encourages high expectations for the success of pupils of all abilities and backgrounds: developing each child’s potential to its full capacity. In doing so, we will enable our pupils to develop the ability to acquire confidence and a positive mental attitude to all tasks, leading to the improvement of knowledge and skills within an environment that allows for individual differences and learning styles: whilst maintaining a sense of safety and security.

We are a part of Aletheia Academies Trust. Our school promotes a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment. Each pupil’s self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with staff and effective communication with parents. We strive to include our parents, teachers, governors and community to ensure strong liaisons with the community

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