Our open mornings for Admissions in September 2025 are now available. Visit us on Tuesday 12th November or Thursday 14th November from 09:30- 11:00. Call or email the office to book your visit.

Pupil Leadership

We introduce pupil leadership roles as we want our school to be the kind of school that everyone enjoys coming to, where everyone knows and understands each other. We want it to be a cheerful place, where we look after everyone.

School Parliament

Horton Kirby’s School Council has evolved into a School Parliament as part of our pupil leadership. At our school, we use the British value of democracy to elect a group of pupils to represent their class. These pupils are elected by their peers to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school. 

From this parliament, a ‘cabinet’ will be elected. Some of these children hold titles such as Shadow Head Teacher, Shadow Deputy Head, Shadow Chair of Governors etc. The School Parliament meets, once every half-term, to discuss any ideas and/or concerns. These may include school lunches, behaviour or ideas for fundraising events.

Aim: To give children a voice and contribution to improving the school and having an active part in how the school is run – through the use of each class MPs. To develop all children’s understanding of democracy within the UK, reflecting the structure of the UK parliament

The School Parliament’s job is to involve everyone, not do everything. Everybody needs to help by finding things that they would like to change, finding ways to make things better and putting their ideas into action. The School Parliament individuals ensure everyone: 

  • Work and learn together
  • Learn about democracy 
  • Learn how to play a positive role model in our community 
  • Improve our school for everyone 
What is School Parliament?
School Parliament Assembly

Leading Lights

Leading Lights are a group of Year 6 children that meet fortnightly with Mr Spackman to help shape the Church school community. We gather to explore what worship means to us and others; engage with worship in the school; respond to our own thoughts on worship and reflect practically on what we have learnt. We work together to ensure worship is a core part of school life by involving ourselves with what happens during collective worship each afternoon in our school. This includes Greeting, Sending, as well as introducing new actions and songs to the school. Being a member of the Leading Lights is a responsibility. To become a member, children must complete an application form. Once selected, the children work through the One, Two, Three Star Pack. 

Trust Student Voice

At Aletheia Academies Trust, we all understand the importance of getting all pupils involved in the direction of the schools and how students can be an instrument to affect positive change in our school communities. Bi-monthly a number of school councils from each school get together to discuss what individual schools have done recently, to plan what they want to achieve in Student Voice for next year and ways to ensure the group is feeding into the Trust to have an impact on the overall development.